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Industrial Fright has been a creative force in the Dark Amusement industry for over 20 years.  We specialize in high-tech, interactive experiences, and have been voted “Scariest high-tech haunt in the country” with our award-winning “Fright Factory” production in the Sacramento area for many years.

Industrial Fright has received tremendous acclaim from not only within the industry but from the media and our customers as well. Consistently voted "best haunt" in our market area, our work has been featured on TechTV, WealthTV, CBS, NBC, Fox, and dozens of local and national radio stations.

What sets our Haunt apart from others in the industry is our attention to detail and our use of technology in the design of cutting-edge special effects and large-scale props. Our team of designers, engineers, and artists work year-round to turn our terrifying ideas into reality.

See what our Fright Crew has created this year, as you uncover the mysteries surrounding Mineshaft Mayhem!

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